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The Vertical Adjustable Corrector can be used concurrently with conventional treatment.
"The results are rapid and dramatic."

--Dr. DeVincenzo

A new paradigm in vertical and dolicofacial corrections.
Currently, maxillary vertical access and dolicofacialskeletal patterns acan be treated only with maxillofacial surgery. The Vertical Adjustable Corrector (VAC) an alternative at one-fifth the cost, requiring only minor surgery, and can be used concurrently with conventional treatment.

The VAC uses theee bony anchors, a buccal bar, and adjustible vertical forces. The precise force locations and magnitudes along the bucal bar are adjustable.

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This non-othognathic "LeForte"-type surgical procedure is incorporated with routine orthodontic treatment to rapidly produce exciting, visible changes in facial form and smile.

So far, over fIfty patients have been treated using the VAC method... with tremendous success.

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Learn More
We are planning a series of one-day seminars in North and South America, Europe and Asia that will include information about treatment, planning, limitations, clinical management, post-treatment and extensive cephalometric details.

VAC kits and supplies will be available at the seminars for clinicians who wish to incorporate the VAC procedure into their practice.

Please contact us for details.