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  • "For the Class II patient, this has changed my practice more than any other system or technique in the last nine years."

    Mark Corriel, DDS, ABO
    VillePlatte, Louisiana

    An advanced alternative to elastics.
    Designed to rapidly correct Class II and Class III discrepancies, Eureka Springs are the most effective, comfortable and versatile orthodontic spring available.

    When you master the technique of inserting the spring, you’ll have a powerful new tool to increase the quality of orthodontics, decrease treatment time, and actually enjoy treating non-compliant patients.

    The Eureka Classic™
    The Classic is the original design and the first spring force of its kind. Its simple, sleek, patented design cannot be duplicated, and it’s less than half the cost of similar devices.

    The Eureka Quick-Connect™
    The Quick-Connect is a new model that provides more rapid insertion and removal for Class II patients.

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