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    Karen, 15

    About Eureka Orthodontics
    The idea behind Eureka Spring, the first and original spring force device, was conceived by Dr. John P. DeVincenzo, a clinical orthodontist in San Luis Obispo, California. Because of frustration with the inadequacies of extraoral force, inter-arch elastics, functional appliances, Jasper Jumpers and Sentaloy Interarch springs in non-compliant patients, new and innovative technology was conceived.

    The process of development occurred over a period of more than two years. Initially, a design was established and tested in a laboratory until a product finally emerged that was considered the “perfect” introoral model. Finally, after many trials and errors, a Eureka Spring design was found which was effective and sufficiently trouble free and was used for more formal clinical trials involving large groups of patients.

    Three of these clinical studies were conducted; the last one comprising over 30 children and adults in both class II and class III configurations (with and without extractions). Seven orthodontists unfamiliar with the Eureka Spring consented to evaluate it.

    With the results of the clinical trials and the comments of the evaluating orthodontists, it was apparent that the Eureka Spring was ready for clinical use. It was introduced to our profession in May of 1996 and the development of the Quick-Connect model followed. Since the first Eureka Spring was invented, others forces have been produced and sold, but because the Eureka Spring holds domestic and foreign patents, no one is able to match its slim and comfortable design.

    Design by Orthodontists for Orthodontists
    We design, develop, test, manufacture and market unique and innovative products for the speciality of orthodontics. Since we are an integrated company with in-house capabilities, we can sell high-quality products at very reasonable prices. Our products are birthed from the minds of clinically-practicing orthodontists to satisfy technical needs.

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