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  • "I have tried everything from Jasper Jumper to Twin Force, and none compare in versatility and patient comfort."

    Don Miller, DDS, MS
    Paso Robles, California

    Eureka Spring therapy will be beneficial in the following situations:
    1. Non-compliant class II and class III patients.

    2. Class II correction in dolicofacial patterns.

    3. Unilateral class II or class III correction.

    4. Congenitally missing cuspids or bicuspids and complete space closure is desired. (In these situations, the Eureka Spring provides anterior mandibular anchorage against which to mesialize the posterior dentition, utilizing concurrent Class I force.)

    5. To obtain final maximum posterior intercuspation just before debanding.

    6. Post orthognatic surgery in which additional class II or class III dental correction is desired.

    7. To correct A-P discrepancies when the anterior teeth are well aligned and patient reluctant to wear appliances on anterior teeth. (Use in conjunction with vacuum formed retainers).