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  • "I have been using them for eight years. Other springs have come along, but the simplicity of design, miniturization and cost kept me using Eureka."

    Dan Peavy, DDS, MS, ABO
    San Antonio, Texas

    The heart of the patented Eureka Spring is is the open-wound coil spring encased within its unique, telescoping plunger assembly.

    Over 20 types of metals and configurations were evaluated for long-lasting performance, range of thrust, force delivered, and miniaturization.

    The force of the spring is linear through the length of the ram thrust and is 16.6 grams for every millimeter of ram compression. All springs are available in two force ranges. Medium force range (150g) is normally shipped unless heavy force range (210g) is specified.

    The ram is made of machined hardened steel and at the attachment end has either open or closed ring.